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What Will Proofing Your Home Against Damp Achieve?

You may have noticed that there are patches of wet and mould at various points around your house. You need a professional to come to your house as soon as possible and they are going to be able to assess the damage.

Sometimes the damage is going to be very localised and sometimes it might have spread throughout the entire house.

The damp proofing team is going to replace insulation and rotten wood inside your house. They can also inject the walls with a special foam that is going to soak up moisture and stop it from appearing again in the future.

What will proofing your home against damp achieve?

The Walls Are Going To Remain Dry

  • You might have noticed that there are some damp patches on the wall. This is nothing for you to worry about because a professional service will make sure that the damp disappears.
  • Once the damp proofing in Scotland has been performed by a technician, your walls are going to be completely dry and the damp is not going to return at all.

The Interior Window Sills Are Going To Remain Dry

  • The interior window sills can be affected by damp when water has come through cracks in the frame.
  • The damp can be removed by a technician when they inject the special foam into the walls of the house.
  • This means that the interior window sills are going to remain completely dry after the treatment has been concluded.

The Ceilings Are Going To Remain Dry

  • Moisture might have started to affect the ceilings in your house. The wet patches are going to be unsightly and mould may have started to develop. This mould could potentially be damaging to your health, so it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • The ceilings will be treated to make sure that the moisture has gone and you are left with dry ceilings.
  • This process will not need to be repeated if the technicians have used the correct equipment.

There Will Not Be Any Mould In Your House At All

  • There is not going to be any mould in your house after the proofing process has been carried out.
  • The mould can cause a series of health issues so you will be glad that it has been completely removed from your home.
  • This is going to be especially important for you if there are young people in the house. You also need to think about your own health.

The Wooden Joists Are Going To Be Dry And Stable

  • When you are living in an old house, you might have some wooden joists in the attic. These will be supporting the roof.
  • You may have noticed that these beams have become damp and they are in danger of becoming rotten.
  • The beams can be treated so that they become dry and stable once again.

Full Summary

The ceilings and walls in your house can have the damp removed from them easily.

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