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What makes double glazing windows better than traditional windows?

Double Glazing Windows are prepared with two glass panes separated by a space of around 16-19 mm (0.63-0.75 inches), generally filled with air or harmless gases like argon for better insulation. The whole set is sealed with a drying material to remove any humidity. Such extraordinary windows are more advantageous than the conventional windows.

Reduce Heat/Energy losses – Double glazing windows with insulation are more capable to retain heat and also cut down the carbon dioxide emissions resulting in saving from excessive heat bills considerably and reducing the energy losses too. The UV coatings or different glazing help to maximise the warmth of the sun rays and maintain the room temperature at a comfortable level that is suitable for the human body.

Environment friendly – The low carbon footprint in these windows is more suitable for the environment. Adverse aspects like noise or condensation are kept away by installing these types of windows that have become the preferred choice of house-owners.

Enhanced security – With the inbuilt locking systems and security / shatterproof / toughened glasses; the double glazing windows provide unmatched security to the possessors who need not worry about any intrusion by the thieves as they won’t be able to break open these protected windows.

Stylish looks & value – The stylish appearance of the double glazing windows enhance the looks and value of the property that automatically goes up much in terms of its financial worth too.

Exclusive Frames – The designer PVCu, hardwood and aluminium frames of such windows are best suited for conservation of energy. They are sturdier and provide better looks than the conventional single glazed windows.  Fiber glass, vinyl or wooden frames are most fitting for severe cold climates while the windows filled with the gas could be the best choices for normal cold climates. People living in the hotter areas should go in for the double glazing windows that have the aluminium frames, preferably filled with air.

Secondary glazing – It is possible to reap the benefits of double glazing by having the additional glazing inside the house against the existing windows itself. No need to replace the whole unit that would be much costlier. Just the secondary glazing would suffice.

Ease – Cleaning the double glazed windows is too convenient that is facilitated through the decorative inset frames with glass as one solid panel. Just a squeeze or wash is sufficient to give brand new looks to such windows that are protected from harmful elements too. Ease of proper ventilation through the trickle vents,  slide open and closing of the locking without any cranking or unnecessary lifting are also liked by the persons who have the double glazing windows in their sweet homes.

Durable, affordable & easily installable – Available at reasonable prices, the quality double glazed windows last for longer periods whereas the traditional windows’ life is much less. Hence, it is wise to have these cost-effective and durable windows that can be procured from the double glazing companies who arrange feasible installation at no extra costs.

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