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Top Reasons Why You Should Build A Two Storey Home

When building your dream home, you will likely have to decide between a single storey and two storey design. While both have their own specific advantages and disadvantages, a two storey house may become necessary due to a number of reasons. In this post, we look at a few such situations.

Land Cost

One big reason why you may want to think of building your home two storied is the price of land. If the land is very expensive, then it may not make sense to spend too much on buying a bigger plot. Instead, you can buy a small plot and then build a two storey house. For example, suppose that the price of land per square meter is $1000. Now, if you are thinking of buying a 150 square meter plot to build a home, then the total cost of acquiring land will come to $150,000. But if you choose to have the house built two storied without sacrificing the number of rooms, then you may only need about 100 square meters of land. This only totals top $100,000 in land costs. So, consider whether buying extra land is worth your money or not. And if you are not fixated on building a regular, single storey house, then a double storey option will definitely be to your advantage. Generally, adding an extra storey to the house will only cost you about 20% to 25% of the total cost of building a home.

Plot Size

Sometimes, you might find the location of a plot very much to your liking that you want your home to be built at that specific location. This is especially true if you come across a piece of land that is very close to your office, your children’s school, and so on. However, the plot may be of a smaller size that you would have liked. In such a situation, the only way to build a home on that plot will be to opt for a two storey design.

Larger Rooms

If you like your rooms to be large, then you may not be able to fit in the required number of rooms into just a single storey because of the plot size limitations. As such, the only way to ensure that there is sufficient number of rooms in the home is by opting for a two storey design. For example, a 100 square meter home may have three rooms. But if you want each room to be around 50 square meters, then you can only build the house with two rooms on the ground floor, and another room on the second storey on top.

Garden And Backyard

If you plan on having a garden or a spacious backyard, then you cannot just build the home in the entire place. You have to leave out a certain portion of the land undeveloped so that you can later turn it into a beautiful backyard. As such, the only way to ensure that your home has god enough area and the required number of rooms is by building it two storied.

Separate Living

When you are living moving in with your family, you may plan on separating the members into two stories. For example, if you are moving in with your children, then you can think of having the kid’s bedrooms built on the first floor while you and your spouse can have the bedroom located on the ground floor. This allows you to separate yourself from the children, ensuring that you can conduct activates like a party without disturbing the children in any way. In the same way, you can also dedicate one floor for your parents’ bedroom, and another floor for yourself.

Better Views

If the land you are interested in is located in a spot that has scenic views, then having a single storey house might be a kind of disadvantage. For example, suppose that the land is located very close to the beach. Now, having a double storey house will give you the opportunity to have some great scenic views from the top floor. Imagine getting up to the view of the sprawling sea and bright red sun every morning. And this can only be possible if you opt for a two storey house rather than a single storey one.

And when deciding between how many stories your home should have, be sure to do a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of 2 storey vs single storey home. This will help you to choose a home design that is suitable for you and your family.

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