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Tips for Safely Securing Your Garage

We always ensure our home is tightly secured, locking windows and doors before we leave the premises, but the vast majority of times we neglect to properly lock up our garages. If you keep anything of value stored in your garage you should make it as difficult as possible to break into, if the garage is attached to your home, it can be used as an access point if burglars identify it as a weakness.

Safely Store your Garage Key Opener

Although it is convenient to keep your garage door opener in your car, it also makes it a lot easier for burglars to get their hands on it. Consider bringing it into your home and safely storing it in a locked cabinet or safety box, try to remember to bring the garage opener inside, making it a habit so you do it subconsciously without thought. If you find yourself always forgetting to bring the opener inside, make sure you place it in an area where burglars won’t see it, something as simple as the glove compartment will suffice.

Install Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors protect your garage from trespassers and they increase the visual appeal of your property. They come in a range of different colours and designs, and can be purchased from a roller shutters company for a very reasonable price. They also come made to measure so you can fit them on any type of garage. If you wish to store valuable items in your garage, roller shutter doors are a great option for securing your garage.

Keep Windows Covered

This is a simple yet effective way of making your garage less vulnerable to break-ins, if a thief can see what you have stored inside, they are more likely to attempt a burglary if they see something which they consider valuable. Cover your windows with a blind or curtain to eliminate anyone seeing into your garage, you can also install frosted windows which will stop outsiders from looking in.

Fit an Alarm

Garage door alarm systems work similarly to window alarm systems, if the alarm detects motion around the area, it will emit a loud sounding noise to ward off intruders. You can shop around to source the most suitable alarm for your garage door, it won’t only protect your home but also your vehicle if stored there.

Use Timers

Everyone forgets to close their garage doors at one time or another, an open garage door is an invitation to any criminal even if you live in an area with a relatively low crime rate. Don’t depend on just your memory to ensure you keep your garage doors closed, use a timer to guarantee that your home is safe and secure. A timer will close once the shutter is open for a certain period of time.

It is important to properly secure your premises, that includes your garage. If neglected, it can serve as an access point to burglars who view the area as a weak spot.

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