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Talk about camping essentials

Camping is all about getting back to the basics. This means that you need only pack the basic camping essentials in order to have a great experience. In addition to your clothing and toiletries, don’t forget the following items.

You will need shelter and a comfortable place to sleep. An RV is ideal, but many prefer the more primitive tent. No matter which you choose, make sure there is ample room for everyone and that each person has a pillow and sleeping bag. Air mattresses make tents more enjoyable while comfortable camper cushions can make the extra sleeping areas in an RV wonderful. Companies like The Foam Factory even custom-cut pads to fit whatever space you have to work with (for those oddly shaped tents, and travelers on-the-go.

Camping can be a dark experience. Remember to bring several flashlights as well as batteries. Stand-alone camping lanterns work nicely as a main light source when playing games or eating meals. Keep in mind that the light will attract bugs. Citronella candles and bug repellents are a must.

Your campfire will be your heat source as well as your make shift kitchen. Campfire supplies are crucial. Dry firewood, matches, and dry newspaper will help you get the flames started. Have the children gather kindling as their contribution. Bring along kitchen pieces such as utensils, bowls, and plates to eat from, and have a large pot, spoon, spatula, and skewers for cooking.

These basic supplies will allow you to have an enjoyable and worry free experience. Be sure to bring everything back home afterwards, and leave the site clean for the next camper.

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