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Sunroom Design Trends Of 2017

Sunrooms are being used more and more in today’s homes for everything from memorable parties to intimate meals. But without the right furnishings and layout, a sunroom becomes just another part of the house used for storage. Read on to learn more about design trends that are making sunrooms the most popular rooms in homes from Wicker Paradise.

Wicker Furnishings

The beauty of this type of furniture is that it can fit in with a number of different color and design schemes, ranging from casual to formal. Wicker furniture looks good both in a fully enclosed room within a house to one that opens directly to the out of doors. With proper handling and maintenance, wicker pieces can last for decades. And what will clearly add to this furniture type’s appeal for many homeowners is its relatively low cost.

Bring The Outside In

One of the biggest design trends of the year was the one of converting formerly open spaces into enclosed rooms. Roofed porches and open decks were among the most popular converts. With supports and foundations already in place in many cases, homeowners had to make minimal additions in the form of screening and walls.


Small serenity waterfalls and fountains are a natural fit for nature oriented sunrooms. And once consigned only to the backyard, hot tubs and small swimming pools were increasingly seen in 2017 sunrooms, making a room once largely used for storing lawn furniture the most exciting place in the home.

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