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Where to Store Everything So That You Can Live Your Life

Your life is amazing. You work. You take care of your family. You have hobbies and social engagements. Maybe you are even involved in the community. And while your focus is on living your amazing life, there is still time that needs to be allotted to managing that amazing life. Having a functional and well-planned storage system is one step in preventing your life from getting out of control. Here are some suggestions for managing the stuff that lets you live your life.

A Place for Everything

You have probably heard the saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If you don’t have a place for everything, then chances are good things will get placed “where ever” and you will not be able to find what you need the next time you need it. Assign a permanent home to every item in the general vicinity of where it will be used. Then it will be easy to find and convenient to put away the next time you need it.

Find Storage in Unused Spaces

You may be surprised at the number of unused spaces that can be used for storage. If you have a steamer trunk as your coffee table, it is a great place to store things. What about under seating? If you have space under a couch or inside a banquette, you may have found a great space to keep smaller storage containers. Look around your home for out of sight and unused spaces.


When you are trying to organize your home and find a place for everything, shelving is the go-to for keeping items that you need insight because they are used regularly. There are a ton of different ways to organize shelves. You can keep items directly on the shelf and insight. You can group smaller items or like items such as a child’s set of blocks or your hair products into stylish baskets or bins. They are out of sight but offer easy access.


Closets are often for clothing. They are also for putting items that you use regularly but perhaps not every day. If you have board games or snow boots, you may put them in the closet. Extra blankets for overnight guests may also be kept in a closet. Having shelves or even a closet organizer can help you to give everything its own space so that you can better keep track of it.

Outdoor Storage

There are a lot of things you use in your outdoor life such as lawn mowers and sporting equipment. Very often the garage is used to store much of this. And indeed, a few shelves may be a great place to store a tool box or a few softballs. However, the garage is also the space where you keep your car. If you do not have room for your car and your lawn mower, you might consider storage sheds. You can park your lawn mower and keep sporting equipment. Best of all, you can usually find attractive sheds that compliment your home.

When looking for home storage solutions, first make sure you have determined a place for every item. This may require looking around your home and finding unused space. It may require organizing things and making room for each item. It may even require bringing in extra containment. But once you have a place for all of the things that help you to live your life, then you can spend more time living your life and less worrying about your things.

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