Sunday , February 18 2018

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Maintaining Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be costly. One can protect their investment in these pieces by providing proper care and maintenance. This includes cleaning, storage, and replacing or repairing any damage each year. Here are some tips from The Foam Factory to help you keep patio furniture clean and maintained all year …

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Great Gift Ideas to Make That Special Someone Feel Even More Special

If there is a special someone in your life they likely mean the world to you. If every time they enter a room they light your world up than you likely want to show them how much you care. Picking out a gift for your significant other can be a …

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Tips to Guard Against Sun Damage

It’s very important to protect your patio furniture from harmful rays of the sun. Whether you want to lounge for longer, or you just want to avoid fading furniture, there are many things you can do. Keep reading for the top three tips to protecting your furniture from sun by …

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