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What You Need to Know About Great Door Security

As most of you out there are already aware, a door security system is any type of device or system which has been developed to prevent any type of unauthorised access through someone’s door, like what occurs when there’s been a break-in or burglary. This kind of security comes in different shapes such as:

  • Locks
  • Chains
  • Alarms
  • Double Glazing
  • Reinforcements

The building of a door and windows are obviously a very important factor of door security as any kind of inferior materials or manufacturing will definitely compromise any door’s ability to hold the structural integrity in place during an attempted break in.

Securing the Fort

The very first considerations towards any functioning door security plan is the build of the door and its frame. Sturdy and robust metal, UPVC or solid wood doors with strong frames will resist any sort of forced entry much better than any cheaper laminated or hollow core doors.

Laminated doors will splinter and de-laminate when struck with force. Solid wood, metal doors and UPVC doors from The Window Centre, are much more difficult to impair, even though you can reinforce a laminated door type with a metal plate which wraps around the door from front to the rear exactly where the lock is located.

Lock Types

  • The lock is the single most favoured type of door security and comes in many variations.
  • As you know, standard doorknobs have locks which simply lock the door bolt in place, but are usually not that strong.
  • The most common exterior door has a separate keyed lock which works a deadbolt that extends from the lock into the door frame to hold the door in place.
  • These types of locks, when properly fitted are quite effective, and other deadbolt locks are designed to be anti-picking or tampering with and can be fitted on the door with a metal plate to help reinforce it and provide extra strength.
  • There’s also sliding chain locks which let a door be slightly ajar when fitted, but stops any attempt at chain removal.

None Shall Pass

Then we have hook and eye latches, sliding bars, and other specialist types of locks and latches which are also put to good use.

  • Metal or wooden bars laid across the back of doors, which extend over the frame in both directions are yet one more simple kind of security system, even though of a slightly extreme type!

Door support also comes in other shapes and sizes from the likes of built-in reinforced jambs and frames. All of which can be used to secure a door, and stop it being forcefully opened even when your lock has been compromised.

Other devices, such as a bracing bar, are mounted on the floor and extend up the door. A robust and sturdy floor mount contains one end of the bar, which then stretches towards the door at an angle, where it then locks itself into place in a fixture.

Make sure your house is not on a burglars list!

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