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Modern Solutions for Rural Fire Protection

If you live in Australia, you will already be aware of just how destructive bush fires can be, and add to that a remote location and you really do need a dedicated water supply that is exclusively set aside for keeping a bush fire at bay. Fire water tanks certainly do give you access to precious water in times of need, and with a wide range of sizes, you can be sure of something just right for your property.

Online Suppliers

Sourcing an established supplier of fire tanks isn’t as difficult as you might think, and with a simple online search, you should be able to locate someone nearby. Ideally, the supplier would send an expert to your property, where they can assess your needs and make suitable suggestions. The dry, hot summers can really cause the wilderness to become like a tinder box, and in the event a bush fire is approaching your home, without an adequate supply of water on hand, your property could be seriously at risk.

Tank Liners

Perhaps the most important component of a water fire tank, the lining ensures the water does not become polluted and remains contaminant free. The latest generation of tank liners comprise of multi-layered composite material that is UV treated, and with an extra layer of metallocene attached, the contained water will always remain fresh and free of contamination.

Quality Steel Fabrication

The outer casing is made from high quality steel sheeting, and comes in a range of colours to blend in well with the surroundings, and with a solid warranty on materials and labour, you can rely on always having adequate water to fight a bushfire.

Rainwater Harvesting

If you would like to use the rainwater that falls, there are efficient rainwater harvesting systems that make good use of natural rainfall, and this water can be kept clean and fresh with a modern water tank. If you can search for an online supplier, they would likely have a rainwater harvesting calculator on their site, and by entering the roof area, you can instantly calculate how much water you can harvest. Rainfall is always welcome in the drier parts of Australia, and if you can harvest a majority, then it can be put to good use throughout the year.

Regular Maintenance

Typically, the tank manufacturer would offer a lengthy warranty, perhaps even as long as 20 years, and with regular inspections, any issues can be quickly dealt with. Of course, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable base, and with their easy to follow instructions, this can be prepared prior to the tank installation.

Many property owners who live in rural or remote areas rely heavily on fire water tanks, which would always contain enough water to fight a fire. Many homes are destroyed because there was insufficient water on site at the critical time, and by installing a modern water tank, you can ensure that your property is always protected against fire.

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