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How To Take Care Of Your Slate Roof

How To Take Care Of Your Slate Roof

Taking care of your home is essential and taking care of your roof even more so. It provides protection for the rest of your home and acts like a type of umbrella that will shade it from the sun, rain, sleet or snow. Your house, however, may be a little older and so may have the old slate roof that provides great insulation and looks amazing. Maintaining a slate roof, however, may prove difficult and most owners of a slate roof house don’t know what to do in the event of a slipped slate or a small hole in the roof.

Not Obsolete.

The usual suggestion is to remove the slate roof because it is now obsolete and you just can’t get the right slates anymore. This is not the case and there are a number of companies that provide roofing services for older buildings such as these. Slate roofs were chosen initially because they last. Take a drive in the countryside and look at all the old ruined houses from bygone years that still even to this day, have their slate roof intact.

Regular Maintenance.

Getting your roof checked each year is a great way to ensure that you don’t experience any unnecessary slate roof repairs as a check will make you aware of any damage experienced over the Winter months and if there are any since your last inspection then one would expect them to be small affairs that are easily and cheaply addressed.  Understanding the life of your roof is essential if you are to save money. Make that repair when you first notice that tiny crack or hole because if you do it now then you won’t have to fix the inside of the house as well when the roof leaks.


Look For The Signs.

Slates break and slip occasionally and a fully qualified and registered slater can make individual repairs easily and cheaply.  When he is up there he will also look out for worn slates that may have hairline cracks or small chips from that last heavy storm you experienced. On a standard slate roof, copper or steel flashings are used and you generally can spot them around the chimney, ridges and valleys upon your roof. If the copper is the colour green, then it’s getting a little old and if it turns black then it’s time to get it fixed.

A Little TLC.

Guttering needs to be taken care of also because the box gutters for example, are part of the rafter system in your roof. Their job is to take all that rain away from your house and if you don’t get them fixed, then water will seep into the inside walls of your house and can cost you a significant amount of money. All of this can be avoided, however, if you schedule yearly appointments for a professional to come and check out your roof. A slate roof is good for many years and with a little love and care you will stay ahead of those big repair jobs by making small repair jobs as you go.

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