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How Laminate Floors Are Made

If you want a wooden floor but don’t have the money to afford a timber floor, you can choose a laminate floor. Timber has long been the gold standard for flooring in your house. It’s great for the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living areas. Wood has long been the standard for great floors because it looks great, it’s waterproof, and it is easy to clean. Fortunately, laminate is all of those things as well. In its simplest form, laminate is four layers of material that have been sealed together. The layer that you can see is a high-quality printed image of the wood that you would like. You can choose oak, cedar, ash, and many other kinds of wood for your image. That image is printed on the flooring so that the floor resembles wood. It needs to more than just look as wood does, though. It needs to also feel as wood does. It needs to also be as resilient as wood, if not more resilient. Here is how it is made.

Base Layer

The base layer of the laminate flooring is also called the backing layer. It forms the stability and the structure for the laminate. It is a waterproof layer that also provides some insulation and protection between the floor and the subfloor. The base layer needs to be made of a strong material that can handle the changes in heat and humidity that come from being in contact with the subfloor. Whether your subfloor is elevated or on the ground, it will change temperature much faster than the top layer inside your home. The subfloor needs to prevent moisture from traveling between your house and the outside. On top of that is the core layer.

The Core Layer

The core layer is made of wood fibres and wood resin. The wood layer provides the feel of the wood. While you are walking on wood, it can be difficult to perceive the tiny amount of cushion provided by the natural softness of the wood. However, it definitely contributes to the feel of the wooden floor. If you want your laminate to feel similar to wood, you need a solid core layer of wood resin and fibres. That board is important for the authenticity. On top of that is the image layer.

Image Layer

The image layer is the layer on which the image of the wood is printed. The image layer needs to be printed in the highest quality possible. If the wood image is not a high-quality image, it will be obvious that your laminate is not real wood. However, if you choose a quality laminate, it can be indistinguishable from actual timber flooring. The size of the grain, the colour, and the type of wood are all up to you. You can choose many different kinds of wood for your planks; you can even choose to have multiple kinds of wood in different rooms. Finally, the protective layer protects the other layers from damage.

The Protective Layer

The protective layer is made of a high-quality epoxy that seals out moisture and dirt. This layer is important for the longevity of the floor. It forms a waterproof protective surface that is easy to clean.

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