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The Different Types of Wall Mural for Your Home or Business

Wall murals have recently witnessed a resurgence in popularity as their designs have taken a step into the 21st century. Your options include having a custom piece commissioned or buying an off the shelf design, but whatever you choose, it will almost always look better than plain wallpaper.

Here we’re going to bring you up to speed on the types of mural available and help you choose the right one for your home or business.

Your Choice of Material

Once upon a time, wall murals were simply paint applied to a wall. Thankfully they have since moved on and include several different types of material. The common ones are;

  • Ceramic – Ceramics give you the ability to design a mural or mosaic of your choosing. Both ceramics and pieces of mirror are usually used to create a mural that can span an entire room. You can either choose from premade ceramic pieces or create your own by modelling clay before baking it in a traditional clay oven.

Usually the most expensive type of wall mural you’ll come across.

  • Tile – A wall mural created from off the shelf tiles is a much simpler affair. With the use of a tile cutting machine, individual pieces can be cut to size to create an array of different patterns and designs. Each piece of tile is applied to the wall exactly as it would be if you were tiling a bathroom or kitchen.

Tiles are typically cheaper than a ceramic mural.

  • Paint – Paint is still a favourite with many people, giving you the ability to turn an entire room into a canvas. The choice of colour and the type of paint used is up to you but we find watercolours and acrylics are still the most popular with people opting for landscapes or reproductions of their favourite pet.

Cost will depend upon complexity.


  • Vinyl – Perhaps the most cost effective and convenient type of wall mural is the vinyl option. Very similar to wallpaper, vinyl murals are applied to the wall and then smoothed over to remove any air bubbles trapped underneath.

You can either get a piece commissioned with an image or photograph of your choosing or you can pick an off the shelf design from a catalogue.

Choose the Right Location

Wall murals are eye catching and also make a statement. Certain types will work better in specific environments but the scope for design is only limited by your imagination.

If you happen to own a business with a shopfront, the right vinyl mural can increase your foot traffic and even drive up turnover. The key is choosing a design that not only compliments what your business sells but also conjures up an emotion with your customers.

Buying Your Mural

If you decide on the vinyl type, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. DIY and art stores will carry a smaller section with much more to be found online. Lancashire Wallpaper offer an extensive range of Murals to choose from. Some may even be happy for you to send them an image file so that they can print your design for you and get it delivered to your home or place of work.

If you’re looking for a show piece to provide the finishing touch for your property, a mural could be one of the most cost effective and striking choices you could make.

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