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Tips for Safely Securing Your Garage

We always ensure our home is tightly secured, locking windows and doors before we leave the premises, but the vast majority of times we neglect to properly lock up our garages. If you keep anything of value stored in your garage you should make it as difficult as possible to …

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The Many Benefits of Double Glazing in the Greater Melbourne Area

There are few elements which are more important to a home than its windows. If that seems a bit strange at first, consider for a moment what one of the first things any visitor to your home is going to see – that’s right, it’s your windows. A critical piece …

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What makes double glazing windows better than traditional windows?

Double Glazing Windows are prepared with two glass panes separated by a space of around 16-19 mm (0.63-0.75 inches), generally filled with air or harmless gases like argon for better insulation. The whole set is sealed with a drying material to remove any humidity. Such extraordinary windows are more advantageous …

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