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What to be aware of If Your Hot Water Heater is failing

There are a number of things that mayhave led to the wearing out or prevention of your water heater from working properly, all of which can make that lovely hot water disappear from your home.What to look out for and what you should dois all mentioned below:

Users of an Electric Water Heater

Electric hot water systems won’t work for a short number of reasons. Try starting by checking out:

  • Grounded Thermostat – An inefficient thermostat will short to ground. Replacement necessary.
  • Breaker – Circuit breakers do fail over time –Simply replace.
  • Grounding – Look for any kind of objects which are shorting across the wiring connections.
  • Reset Button keeps tripping – Happeningregularly? This could be the sign of its lifespan ending and needs replacement.
  • Wire Short – Careful! Any frayed or damaged wiring can lead to a direct short. Don’t hang around on this one and get it quickly replaced,to put a stop to any possibilities of fire.
  • Leaking Water – If there’s any leaking water, you can try tightening the tank’s nut, but in most cases it’s time for a replacement.
  • Understrength Fuse or Breaker – Get replaced for ones which aredesigned for a higher amperage.
  • Grounded Element – Broken heating elements can and will ground out. A replacement is required.

Users of a Gas Water Heater

Gas units have a different set of problems when compared to their electric relatives, andin both cases, it’s best to contact and consult with a professionallocal plumbing service in Southampton, who can expertly check your entire system, and tell you what needs sorting out.

Ifhot water is not available, check:

  • No Gas – Ensure that the gas is actually turned on and that the gas valve is indeed opened.
  • No Pilot Light – Should the pilot light be out but there is a gas flow, go over these components:
  1. A blocked pilot orifice – Remove it and clean to improve the operation of the water heater.
  2. Thermocouple – If thethermocouple tip isoperating normally, it should be correctlyin the pilot light’s flame and securelyattached to the gas line.
  3. Air in Line – Examine the gas flow and try to relight the pilot light to push any air out of the line.
  4. Blocked, Bent or Damaged Supply Line – Immediately replace everything.
  5. Gas Control ValveDamage – This prevents gas from getting to the pilot or burner, and cannot be repaired. Inexpensive enough for replacement.
  6. Ventilation – There may be a blocked flue by some outside type of event such as a storm or even pests, as in rodents. Flue cleaning is simple, but can be slightly messy. Strong winds can also snuff out the flue, and then the pilot.
  7. Dirty or Clogged Up Burner – If you see a soot build-up on the main burner, remove and clean.

Having hot water is essential,so ensure that younever have to go without it!

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