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6 Reasons Why Bi-Fold Doors Are The Smart Choice

Bi-fold doors are incredibly popular at the moment and with good reason.  They are the choice of great, modern  designers because they allow great swathes of light to enter the home which is every internal designers dream.  They still offer privacy, however, when you need it and because they are strong and easy to use, they are perfect for homes and businesses alike. They allow you to kind of extend the feeling,that the outside space is another room in your house. So what are the other benefits to installing bi-fold doors in your home.

  1. Slick Design – They offer a really slim profile which is very minimalistic in appearance and they are so much less conspicuous than your normal traditional door. They allow you to see everything on the other side, but are still strong and durable and offer a very modern look and feel to any home.
  2. Low Maintenance – They are really low maintenance and come with timber or aluminium frames. A brisk lick of paint or a wipe down with a clean cloth are all that it needed to keep them in tip top condition. For timber they come in kustomfold, eurofold and interfold, which offer many options in finish and style but still offer the best quality and aluminium with slim sightlines and wider panel sizes. Because of the many options and styles offered, bifold doors in London are the best choice for the modern home in both old and young buildings.
  3. Space Savers – These doors are designed to fold away neatly to one or both of the sides when they are opened and they allow free flow which encourages people to walk from the outside to the inside and vice versa. They allow us to walk from one room to the next and don’t block the way like most conventional sliding patio doors. They are a great way to provide easy wheelchair access and are only a tiny step to pass over the threshold.


  1. Lots Of Glass – Because they have such a slim profile, they allow as much glass as possible in order to see what is going on outside even when closed. They are weatherproof and keep your home snug and warm, as well as providing safety and security for your home and your business.



  1. Longer Lasting – They blend well with old and young buildings which means that they are very versatile and will still look great in many years to come. Even though they do fold and glide with the minimum of effort, they will last long into the future with little or no need for maintenance.



  1. Blending – When it’s hot or you are experiencing a really nice day, just open your bi-fold doors completely and welcome the outside into the inside. They allow us to imagine a home without doors and blend effortlessly with the garden and patio area.

Bi-fold doors offer security, strength and provide your home with so much extra light and are a fantastic focal point of any home. They move with minimal effort and fold away neatly and would be a welcome addition to any home.


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