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4 Insanely Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips That Lower Your Energy Consumption

For hotter regions, it’s common to see air conditioning units in many households and commercial properties. This important equipment is highly critical for cooling homes during the summer season, hence keeping you, your employee, and your family comfortable within your property. Aside from that, anair conditioning unit helps you fight the hot temperature, which on the other hand, can pose several problems to your health.To protect your loved ones and keep them comfortable when the summer strikes, it’s important for you to maintainyour air conditioning units and keep them running well.

Maintaining the air conditioning unit is very important because its damage can give costly expenses to the owners. Moreover, cleaning the filters, fins, and coils will contribute to the efficiency of the entire system.

Is your Fujitsu air conditioning Perth unit breaking your bank? Don’t freak out. Here are effective ways to ensure that they operate proficiently without worrying about high-energy consumption:

  • Inspect regularly the filter of the unit.

Filters—these components are a subject to dust, dirt, and pet hairs. Cleaning or replacing them will guarantee the smooth condition of the air conditioning unit.

Filters are usually located on ceilings, walls, and furnaces. Some filters can be reused while the other types need to be replaced. Cleaning the filters once a month or every cool season will lessen the possibility of a malfunctioning unit. The clogged and dirty filters may prevent the normal airflow, which will lead to a declining system operation. If the normal airflow is blocked, filters can carry the dirt into the other areas. As a result, the coil won’t be able to absorb heat properly.

If there is a great need to replace the filters, one must do so as soon as possible. For the succeeding days, homeowners will have lower energy consumption for about 5-15 % through good air conditioning maintenance.

  • Don’t forget to clean the coils.

The problem with this particular AC part can be resolved through continuously monitoring its condition. You need to inspect and clean them when necessary. When the coils are exposed to debris, you may need to do a monthly clean up. Else, you have to clean them quarterly during cold seasons.

  • Check the window seals.

One must check the designated position of the seal between an air conditioner and window frame. The window seals must touch the metal case of the air conditioning unit. If moisture caused damage to the seal, the cold air would escape from one’s home.

If homeowners observe proper HVAC maintenance, a unit will work professionally for a long period. No one will worry about high electric bills with inefficient air conditioning system.

  • Seek professional help.

Did you know that air conditioner should be cleaned at least annually? Doing so with pros will help you save money aside from the fact that this will guarantee better air quality inside the house or the building.

However, because maintenance to the unit will require a lot of time and effort from you, getting the help of the professional in this kind of job is necessary. In this matter, a local service provider is the best option. Technicians must do the following tasks for you:

  • Examine and seal duct leakage located in central systems.
  • Inspect the right amount of refrigerant.
  • Know if there are refrigerant leaks.
  • Oil motors.
  • Check belts for wear and tear.

Lots of companies out there offer a number of services, including consultation and actual cleaning of air conditioning of different types and designs. Opt for companies who have proven track record as a highly capable service provider with state of the art facilities and up-to-date workflow.

Seeking from these pros are advisable for those who don’t have any idea on how to do the job properly. It won’t just save your money, but it will spare you from making more DIY mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your HVAC unit is important because it not only keeps your system running well but also prevents damages that may cost you a lot. Furthermore, there are also some maintenance tips that you can to lower your energy consumption, helping you save more.

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